Marta Fontana, Walter Hövel
The attempt making a programme of the six days of the atelier


How much liberty can we express?“


A Re-Constructing after 26 years




1st day
Warming up. Moving and telling names aloud – finding each rhythm - trying to build a circle




Language domino. Holding the hand of somebody who understands your own language being able to translate into another language. You say, if possible in your language your fundamental ideas of freedom, finding a translation.




Questions about liberty translated as much as possible and read (?) together.




Statue of liberty. Groups of 3 or 4 build a statue that present all ideas of the group about liberty. Everybody writes down her or his sensations and feelings and all writings are put to the walls.




Circle activity. A wish for tomorrow.






2nd day


Name games. Pass the claps (?)




Grouping languages. 2 German, one French, one English speaking and writing group.




Leave the room. Go outside and write your own text about liberty.




Go back and let your (language) group of about 5 persons read each of the 5 texts. Now chose a word or a phrase out of each text. Put them into a grid, where your name is on the left hand side - to put in all 5 phrases – includunig your own text matching your name (for the text) on top of the grid. We call it „Rasterlyrik“ or „Lyrics in a gridsystem“ ). Then make a new lyric by putting on the grid any pattern you want to. Find out yourself or with the help of the group the different patterns. A new lyric develops written by everyone and(!) yourself.






3rd day
Warming up(s). Chosen by different persons




Each group choses something to read aloud from the „Rasterlyric“, perform it and give place for a discussing about it and what happened to the group's dynamic.




The performances were
„The cat“ . In the English group


„The chess game“ In the French speaking group


„The well (or we'll?) stay(ing) together. In the first German speaking group


and „A kind of dance“ In the second German group




Circle time. Evulations of the three days and suggestions




4th day


Warming up. Sparing bodies' places – mirror – the other body language activities




Forum Theatre. „Finding examles of freely chosen situations“




Chose your most important question to your understanding of liberty




Show it to the other people






5th day


Working in language groups




Each group choses a question and tries to perform it and involve other people in a Forum Theatre




A new group was born, The Japaneese one




Two groups show their Forum Theatre results






6th day


Warming up. Japaneese games




Forum Theatre results of the other three groups




Circle time. Discussing the results of the Forum Theatre and group dynamics.




Decion of the final representation