Lutz Kremer


Summary of written thoughts in the atelier


How much liberty can we express?“


I chose to translate most of the sentences which hadn't been translated by somebody in the group into English. Yet, the work in the groups had to keep its languages – to my taste. And some sentences from the mornings were too exquisite to be translated - as to my taste – so they are left in its origin. Have a nice time when reading, looking, remembering, thinking.


Lutz in September 1996




Day 1


Limits of freedom? Can i be free where i am not? Does work liberate, nearby is Ausschwitz? How much freedom can i give my teenagers? Is freedom the abscence of oppression or more? Am i more free – dead or alive? (will i feel it when im'm dead) [remarks of the others of the group in brackets].


Can a cat be free? - When will i be totally free? - (Why do you want that all?) - Can a stone be free? - Can a star be free? - Can a cat be free? - Can i be free? - Can we more or less be free? - Is it a concept to support a social life? - Can freedom be anything else than an inner feeling? - I'm i free? - Does it exist: Liberte, fraternite, égalité? - Can i feel freedom? - How do i perceive it? - Does freedom make me more happy? - Living on an island living without „one“ people like a neighbour, is that your feeling of liberty? - Does freedom make you feel lonely? - Freedom, to do what? - Am i free to go to another atelier? - How does freedom taste? - Why do we live as we do? - Where do thoughts come from? - What means freedom to an original population in an isolated part of the world? - Get freedom by shopping? - Is freedom only the right, the posssibility to say or think „no“? - Can we be free one by one and together? - If you don't know the freedom feeling, will you miss it? - (If you know the freedom feeling, will you be more unhappy than? - Does our Western Democracy


give us real freedom or LIBERTY? - When will real freedom arrive? - Can i force people to be free? - Can i just say „I am free“? - Where is my freedom? - With how much liberty can you live before it becomes a chain? - Are animals free? - Why are there people who think coke and cars and internet mean freedom? - (Why are there coke, cars and Internet?) - Can i decide by myself in the future what to be? - Is an atelier like this a contribution to develop our feelings of freedom, liberty, or …? -


Do we want freedom? - Is my freedom your freedom? - Why do we have schools? - Why do we have goverments? - Why do we have a body? - In what aspect are we totally determined by the biochemical complexity of our bodies, so that freedom is not possible at all? - Who owns my thoughts? - What is better and more important: to be free in mind or in body? - Is a free school possible (contradictions e.g. in a „living dead“? - Is it possible to feel free at school? - What can i do to make schools more free? - Is freedom dangerous? - Where? - Whom for? - Why want people to be free? - Are children free? - Can they be free? - How much freedom do they have to experience themselfes to be able to be free later on? - Is man always free? - Can i speak and write freely? - My liberty must not be a limitation for the liberty of my neighbour! - Which ones have more liberty in traffic, Italian or Swedish people? - (or Polish?) - Is liberty to talk about? - Let us dance about! - Which is the difference between being free and being alone? - Unemployment. Is this freedom? - If not, could it be? - Are we ready for freedom? - Are we ready for more freedom?




Day 2


Is it good for mankind that the search for freedom continues, that there are antagonisms . Is it a started point of an evaluation? - I did not know what i was doing, but i enjoyed it – Have people the right not wanting to be free? - What would be the reason why they want not to be free? - Is freedom so far away, so big? - Then bring it close to the children! - How old is the idea of freedom? - What is it worth?´, only to speak WORDS? - Is DOING not much better? - Has every freedom its price? - (as you have drunk too much, have headaches, or you smoke … ha,ha) – Are smokers free to smoke everywhere? - Are car drivers free to drive everywhere? - Are writers free to write everywhere? - Who makes the rules? - Are we free not to follow them, or not to obay? - Is to mantain freedom-freedom? - Good morning! - Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Enjoy it! - RIDEO! - Who wants more freedom? - Who wants more freedom? - Who wants more freedom? Who wants more freedom? - Je pensais me comporter librement, mais je m' aperçois parfois je suis loin de la libertè, et cela m' étonne. En fait, je fait sans cesse aller-retour entre la liberté et la contrainte … Mais peut-ȇtre, me comporter librement. Is it the good-buy from rules freedom (Is it the good-buy from rain freedom?) - The contense of a rule is freedom – Since freedom can elarge, do right rules become wrong? - Freedom is to feel happy – What is the relationship between freedom and independence? - Why is freedom not easy? - Why do i have to vomit out freedom every morning? - Walter? - (Is this freedom? - Does it mean freedom when you can say and write what you want to? For example: Hat jeder österreichische Trottel das Recht nach Polen zu fahren?) - Is morality the opposite of freedom? - Is freedom the opposite of law or its neccessity to be free? -




From the work in groups


Driving in a pink cadillac at the coast road of Lisbon. You may say that i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one … Freedom is the choice to stopp writing about freedom. Over 50 years ago Mr. Frank had the freedom to kill about 65000 Jewish people in Cracow. It's a word that makes me think of Martin Luther King. - My cat at home she's really free, always walking round, no obligation. - Religion is a heavy handicap in making people free. - I'll be free when i am all alone. - Total freedom frightens me. - Do i accept the limited freedom i live in? - Is red nose the symbol of love? -


Digged in the sand, hidden in the dust - Cars or foxes, snakes and snails can`t be tamed – Earth is not free to stop turning round the sun – We are living under the rulership of money, knowledge. Speed – A wolf in a trap wants to be free – Without money, how can you be free? - The warm sun after a rainy week – A butterfly's flying … and doves.




La liberté c'est la possibilité d' être seule, de vaincre la peur – Comme nous sommes? - Je ressous le bonheur de mes libértes avec me limites – Liberation – C'est problème de ne pas sentir l'abscence de libertè? - Libertè, fraternitè, ègalitè – Freedom n'existe pas – Libertè c'est la possibililé de décider qui que ce soit - … mais tout à coup, quand je me lève, le yeux, c' est fini – J'ai fait une ballade à la montagne – C'est une conquête – La libertè est comme une recherche à la rencontre de moi-mê me, des autres dans une espace de loi et de régles. Le mot libertè est différent pour chaque person - La liberté, le droits, le pouvier, la force, le barricade – Delacroix – La liberté ne s'offre pas, c'est une conquête - Est-ce que l'dée de plus de libertè peut justifier la violance? - Da ma tète je peux faire ce que je vieux. Faire ce que nous voulons, comme nous voulons.




Wie immerschaute ich mir die Wiese an. Echt lecker. Wie früher als ich als Kind abends heimlich mit meiner Schwester (…) beide vor den Fenster sassen und von den Wolken erzählte. Wie früher … wenn unsere Mutterim Wohnzimmer war. Die Natur auf der Wiese genießen. Toleranz, Rücksicht, Offenheit, Freiheit – Musik, Liebe und Bewusstsein – Schule, Lieber, traurig, wei ich ganz alleine war. - Echte Freunde – Die Freiheit ist schön, wenn wir sie zusammen durchleben können – Sonne, Ruhe, Zeit haben, Leichtigkeit – Grenzenlos wie die Vögel am Himmel – Unbeschwertheit – Sich entspannen – Zeit haben – Auf Kosten der Umwelt.


Ist Anarchie die Freiheit?- Es ist sehr wichtig frei zu denken und sich frei zu äußern, auch wenn du diese Gedanken nicht realisieren kannst . Im Alltag kann der Mensch kaum frei sein. - Denken kann ich immer frei, weil keiner weiß, was und wie ich denke – Der Mensch kann frei sein, wenn er allein ist. Aber ist die Einsamkeit auch die Freiheit? - Freiheit, leicht leben? - Freiheit, lieb sprechen? - Freiheit, hell denken? – Freiheit, treu handeln? Ich habe das Recht alles zu sagen, was ich denke – Ich fürchte mich nicht zu leben – Freiheit ist andere Sprachen zu beherrschen, um sich zu verständigen – Freiheit ist nicht der Gefangene seiner Gefühle zu sein – Ich hasse Leute, die vor lauter Selbstbefreiung und „sich entfalten wollen“ keine Rücksicht und Verantwortung mehr kennen. - Hass setzt Kräfte frei, Hass macht unfrei. - Bin ich frei, solange ich es nötig habe, andere zu hassen?


Day 3


Do we do less when we feel free? - When structures are developped and you perceive them as a depriving of freedom? - Can you change these structures? . (Why not?) - Is this abilitiy „FREEDOM“ or rebellion? - Is smashing them the first step into freedom or the first step into new slavery? - Does freedom only exist in the moment of dissolving of the Structure? - (REVOLUTION?) - Does our liberty get more and more diminishing after some days at a RIDEF? - Can you be free as a couple? - Don't think twice. It's allright – Will there be freedom in this group to decide together how to deal with all our questions about freedom? - (I think good food and a nice sleep is neccessary for all kinds of groups to go through all questions? - Do all people have enough to eat to be free to feel freedom.ß – Is there a real need? - What would it need for us to be able to do this – Would we be capable? - What is real need? - … to be loved? - And to eat? - Is it a need that is unreal? - Aren't all needs real, as they are needed?) - I think liberty is to go on trying to grow with others – Do you think we are more free when feeling more comfortable? - Freedom is part of slavery – Without rulership there is no more freedom necessary – I want to be free from my inner neccessities, that would be enough for the moment – Is our black cat free? - Is freedom good for this cat? - ( I think: yes, yes – If the cat has a red nose, yes) – (Bin ich frei, wenn ich einen Kater habe, mit roter Nase) – (Besser rot als blau) . What shape or colour does freedom have? (green`) - (or red?) - or coloured or violet)? - (No, green!!!) - Are we ready to be free? - (are we ready for everything?) - What is the meaning of the word „to make oneself free“, liberate yourself? - ( can it be the same thing for everyone?) - (Is it the same as 'to become real self'?) - (Could it be to clean your mind from everything you have learned?) - 'Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently' Rosa Luxemburg – If we become less people in the world, should we be more free than? - (Yeah!) - Is a red nose a symbol of love? - (If a blue one is) – Do Freinet people still fight for freedom? - Or do they just change everyday life in schools into some better learning? - (What's exactly Freinet people? - Maybe a sect?) - I am free to study everything i want to – Which kind of freedom di i want? - From whom or what am i free when i'm sleeping? - From whom or what am i free after getting up`- From whom or what am i free when i'm eating? - (From hunger!) - Can people in town be free? - (The place where you live has nothing to do wit the problem of freedom – It's the way of thinking that matters – Really free i do feel when the world is turning around me and i cabn stop it whenever i want – Aren't we all 'dust of heaven', which can reflect about itself e.g. about freedom ? - uns es bleibet dabei, die Gedanken sind frei – Platz des himmlischen Friedens in Peking, 1993 – Is there any difference between the freedom of a new born baby and a dying human being? - (I am sure there is!) - (I am not sure because I can't remember my baby time) – (I don't either) – The freedom i mean – Should everybody have the right of freedom? - „At least as much as a cat) – Does it give a feeling of liberty to be the only one with certain knowledge? - (Ja, somedy has written) – I have the freedom to write in Croatian – How would you understand“ - Is freedom always a good feeling? - Yes, always to me - (Just a word) -




Day 4


Work liberates. - Do i need to feel a lot of pressure first to feel liberty than? - Is 'freedom just another word for nothing have to lose'? - Does work make free? - Do animals feel free in the zoo? - Would they survive in living free? - Do children feel free in school? - Would they survive living free? - Is a RIDEF freedom? - Is it freedom to do things before you want them? - 'Well I'm free to do any old time' – Is your freedom also my freedom? How could people get „the liberty“ to do what they did in Auschwitz? - Pourquoi tu me 'touche', Maria? - (Pourquoi tu me touche pas jamais?) - Freedom is not to be sick.




Here his text  and the texts of more than twenty people from all over the world is ended. Nach 26 Jahren finde ich Zeit und Muße diesen Aufsatz zu veröffentlichen.




Walter Hövel Februar 2022:
Damals stieg ich aus. Ich beendete diese Form der Zusammenarbeit mit Marta Fontana nach mehreren erfolgreichen Ateliers. Ich lebte von nun an über 20 Jahre mit Uschi zusammen, „unseren“ eigenen Kindern und „meinen“ Kinder und meiner Zeit an der Grundschule Harmonie.



Ich glaube, dass diese Zusammenfassung von Lutz Kremer aus Schweden und das Atelier seinen Teil selbst daran hatten. Lutz blieb mir wichtig in seiner und unserer Vergangenheit. Viele Lehrerinnen und Lehrer sprachen und tanzten mir aus dem Herzen, andere verschlossen es. Kinder und ihre Entwicklung rückten in meinen Mittelpunkt. Ihre Verschiedenheiten, ihr Suchen nach ihrer Freiheit wurden mir wichtiger.




Zu Marta Fontana nahm ich wieder Kontakt auf . Er war nie abgerissen.