Voiceless Topless


Voiceless topless

Wandering thru the pipeline

Hopeless neglect

With this wrong effect


With that unknown associations

Hypocratical embarance

Of a grandma

No balance

To prevent from associations


Rubber scrubble bubble


Useless chimney

Smoking thru mother's computer

Markless select

With this right dialect


With famous foundations

Solutions surrender

To a weeping insect

Super plastic engulch

Of the class mistress

Some hold

To obtain an excellerator


Scrubber bubble rubber


Restless marching

Thru a whiskey bottle

Careless reset

With a fooling subject


With bended united stations


Gain a mocking snake

Preromantic enclose

The court-room judge

Rendered to lie dead

Under the escalator


Bubbel scrubber rubber