Lady Spitfires


Old Lady Spitfire knew what she'd done.

she only had daughters - now all on the run

all together she had seven of one sort

but their fatheres all ignored them

Parry, Alla, Snackie, Pamela, Retty

were the elder ones

Trudi and Ilona were thr other ones,

Trudi's father . as the name you tells

was a German, but he went to hell,

he was a soldier

Ilona's father was a Spaniard

but he preferred instead of a marriard

to join the Spanish guard

Parry ad red hair

Snackie was of nothing aware.

she just wore one hat

Retty was soo fa


One day, all sat at the same table

in the ktchen, which looked like a stable

all - this means

all eight

old Lady Spitfire and her seven lovely daughters.

Finding them together

which is very rare.

As the times were bad,

they only had water and bread.

But Pamela, this silly child, had two cakes

which made her sisters snakes.

As she refused to share,

the others fetched a butcher's knife

to kill fer like a pig.

And after a while all of them were dead,

as they also couldn't share.

But nobody killed their mother.

They were too afraid.

Now old Lady Spitfire sits there

sharing the two cakes

with her new man.