For Dean, a Welsh Brit, and a „Rheinish“ German, both Europeans.

Dean said, that my knowledge on the English language is due to the fact that I know so many songs,

especially by the Beatles. - I don't think so. But it made my life be better understood.

 Walter Hövel
56 scenes that make a theatre of my life


In my life I loved them all

When I think of all the good times that's been wasted

You can't sing that wasn't sung

I don't wonna spoil the party so I go

Did she understand it when she was young

I´ve just seen a face

That a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure

And I love her

Tomorrow will rain, so I'll follow the sun

I'll be back again

We gotta get out of this place if that's the last thing we'll ever do

We can work it out

A word that made the whole world laughing

When i get older loosing my hair

Would you lock the door?

Your lips are sweeter than wine

Beneath a shady tree

Like a fool on the hill

I'm leaving home after living alone for so many years

Glad all over

I got no kick against modern jazz

For red is the colour that my baby wore

I'll get you in the end

Bright all the stars will shine

So i lit the fire

You can dance every dance with that man who gives you the I little smile with you

Blue skies, I am dreaming of blue skies

Give peace a chance

Imagine there's no heaven

All you need is love

Can I have my friends to tea

I wanna hold your hands

These are words that go together well

Whisper words of wisdom

I need your love babe

They are coming to take you away

You gonna loose that girl

I got a feeling

There were birds in the sky, but i never heard them singing

It won't be long

I am a daydream believer

Can't buy me love

She gave me everything

You know what i mean

Can't you tell me the things I want to know

When i'm alone,

When i was blue

I'll be on my way

I´ll write home everyday, when I get home to you, we*re on the way home

Power to the people, right now!

And help me understand

A love like ours could never die

For I don't care so much for money

All you gotta call and I'll be there

One day you'll look to see I've gone